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Welcome to Kris d'Amour luxury boutique

 Our luxury and natural homemade products are formulated by experienced Medical Scientist. They are born from passion of natural ingredients as well as a dedication to science. Every single product had been designed with a purpose to provide you with safe, very effective and practical solutions.

  • Our products are formulated based on the theory of Synergism!
  • By combining only clinically proven, most effective and natural ingredients, we hugely increase effectiveness of our final product
  • We treat successfully ECZEMA, ACNE, PRE-AGEING and VERY SENSITIVE SKIN by using the most SAFE and NATURAL compounds
  • Our natural products don’t contain artificial fragrances, synthetic ingredients, harsh preservatives or artificial colorants.  We never test our products on Animals!

 Our products range include: Face Oils/Serums, Face Moisturisers, Face Cleansers / Exfoliator, Face Masks, Body Lotions, Body Butters, Bath, Body Oils


Louise, Stourbridge

You are completely right about eczema and your amazing Intensive Soothing Treatment oil, for the first time EVER my eczema on my face has completely disappeared! I really want to thank you a lot Kris, because although it was only a tiny little eczema of patches next to my nose, and around my lip area, it was on my face and as a female it didn't do much for my confidence and I have tried in vain for years to find a cure. Some natural products came close or were a temporary few hours solution, but your product has completely made it disappear! :-) So many thanks once again, I really do appreciate you sending me these products.

Sarah, Leeds

I have tried other body butters before and have very dry skin on my legs, nothing has ever helped to prevent this...until I started using this rejuvenating body butter. It is totally amazing and just melts into your skin as it is gently smoothed in. I also have issues with skin irritation with many skin products but this causes none whatsoever...I can even apply it immediately after shaving my legs, there is no rash, redness or irritation. Brilliant...and will now not buy anything else.

Vicky, Holmfirth

I’ve had spot prone, extremely sensitive skin for a long time and frequently had breakouts, often requiring topical antibiotics. However, since discovering Kris d’Amour’s skin repair facial oil, which I apply every night, I’ve said goodbye to antibiotics and moisturisers and now my skin is almost blemish free. I also previously used a very popular high street brand (yes, the one which has a strong aroma when you walk past the door!), as I thought I was treating my skin to the best, purest ingredients, but now I realise this isn’t the case and many brands conceal nasty chemicals behind a cleverly marketed facade. I LOVE Kris d’amour’s products, they go on a dream, are a fantastic make up base and most importantly, give you peace of mind that you’re treating your skin to the finest, natural ingredients, which Mother Nature intended.

Jaina, Essex

Thank you for my order last week which also contained my selected samples. I tried the Face Balancing Oil on a few breakouts which I had on my face and the results were amazing. I dabbed a little on my spots (not sure if you can apply it this way!) before I went to bed and in the morning the results were noticeable. The breakouts did not look as bad as they did the night before and the oil formula certainly did not irritate the condition. A fantastic product which is very effective. I will definitely be buying a full size bottle once this one has finished.



We are very proud to say that our fantastic and unique skin care products have been already featured in top beauty blogs and highly recommended by beauty specialists. For more info please click here



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